He has crossed the threshold

New Comics About Nothing Much in Particular

Walking Down that Hill

Trying to get watercolours happening.


Armless Ducks

I was looking at Donald Duck today and realized that they took a pretty normal duck body and just slapped human-style arms on it. I wanted to see what he looked like without those arms so I doodled a couple. Weird!


Daffy duck on the other hand, doesn’t have an especially duck-shaped body.

Time For Pain!


Been reading a bit of The Essential Power Man Collections lately.

Jack Bristow

Just finished watching the third season of Alias, and it is good disguising, blowing up, kung fu-ing fun. In this season I was enjoying how Sydney’s father Jack would occasionally leap into action and be this supercapable force with all kinds of experience and connections. Similarly the Isabella Rosellini character was completely ass-kicking. That is to say, I am getting old and enjoy older characters in action.


My Poop Stuff


The final thing Jason and I drew at the last jam.
That’s exactly the kind of thing Ed is likely to say at the end of the night

Her Name is Pippi Longstocking

Recently my five year old niece was over and we were watching the old live action Pippi Longstocking from the 70s, which I hadn’t seen since I was say, ten. And it is so great! Pippi is a strong female and a superpowered freeform radical! It made me very happy that my niece was being inspired by Pippi.


True Blood


True Blood has been turnin’ it up! He may be dumber than a sack of hammers, but Andy Bellefleur is probably one of my favourite characters right now. Sad that the season is one episode from being done.

Another Finished Project

Well there, Another One Hundred Page Project is done and all posted. You can look at it from the start here.aohpp100