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The Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge is a competition between online comic artists to see who can maintain the longest Monday to Friday update schedule, following a strict set of rules.

Each artist lays $20 USD on the line. The last man left standing takes the entire pot.

Pot Value: $1,120 USD.

Be sure to check out the Daily Grind message board.

Please note that the deadline for entering has now passed.


Questions? Concerns?

Email us.

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 Below are the most frequently asked questions about the rules. If you have a question and would like to see it appear here, please email it to

An email update will be sent to all contestants when a FAQ has been added. It is the duty of the contestants to read the FAQs so that they fully understand the rules.
• Artists must publish at least one strip a day from Monday to Friday. Anything above and beyond these requirements will be ignored for the purposes of this contest. (Revised Apr 5/05)

Q: Do I have to keep my entire archive up? (Dec/05)

A: No. However, you must keep at least the 10 previous strips up in your archive.

• Strips must be a minimum of two panels - two single panel strips are acceptable. Artists may produce one single panel strip per every 10 strips. This is not cumulative. There must be at least 9 strips of two panels or more between each single panel strip. (Revised Apr 3/05)
Q: What if a strip clearly has more than one panel, but does not have panel borders? (Apr 10/05)

A: Panel borders are not a requirement. If a comic strip clearly has (at least) two different scenes/frames/etc.., then it is considered a two panel strip.

Here are some examples of strips that have more than one panel, but do not use panel borders: Stephen Burrell's Trains of Thought
and Karl Kauffman's Fatstuff.

Q: Does a strip that has a title panel or a panel that is completely text count as two panels? (Apr 10/05)

A: No. To be considered a two panel strip, the comic must have imagery in each panel.
• New work only. No posting of old strips.

Q: If I draw more than one strip in a day, can I use one for the following day's update?
(Apr 10/05)

A: Yes. There is nothing against building a buffer for this contest. This rule is in place to prevent people from posting strips that they drew month/years ago and using it as their daily update.

Q: Can I repost the same artwork as a previous day with new dialog (ala Dinosaur Comics)?

A: No.

• No posting of random sketches or pin-ups in place of comics. (Revised Apr 5/05)

Q: What constitutes a random sketch?
Pin-up?(Apr 10/05)

A: This rule is in place to prevent people from just scanning a random page out of their sketch book and posting it as an update.

A pin-up is gernerally just an action pose of a character (or characters).

To be considered a comic strip, updates must include some sort of narrative/story.

This is what we would consider a random sketch update (courtesy of Ryan Peq.)

• Strips must be posted by Midnight PST. Meaning, each day's strip must be published by the end of the day (i.e. Monday's strip must be published by the end of Monday).
• If an artist cannot post strips for a period of time (ie vacation, etc...), they must post strips for days to be missed in advance or find someone to update their sites for them. (Rev. July 11/05)

Q: Does this mean that I can have a guest artist draw my comic in my absence? (July 11/05)

A: No, guest artists are not allowed. Daily Grind artists can collaborate with other artists (i.e. jam strips), but the Daily Grind artist must contribute at least two panels to each strip (or one panel if there has been 9 strips since their last single panel strip).

Q: Can I post one long comic that is more than 10 panels long and use it for the entire week's update? (April/06)

A: Because of the varying nature of each artist's stories and storytelling methods, there is no rule as to whether each update must be a self contained strip or a continuing story. This is up to the artist. HOWEVER, each strip must be posted as a seperate image file. If you are posting comics for the entire week, you must post 5 separate image files. This is so we can easily tell where you are making the divisions and to provide some sort of idea that there was some thought put into the updates.
• If an artist needs to post strips somewhere other than his/her regular site, they must post a link to the strip in the Daily Grind forum. Artists may post strips in the forum as proof of completion.
• The contest is over when only one artist remains. Artists can't agree to give up together in an attempt to split the pot.
• Payments for this contest cannot be made by Paypal as per their Gambling Policy
• No excuses. Computer meltdown? Hit by a car? Better luck next round.
General Questions.

Q: Can an artist publish a separate comic other than his/her normal one for 2 of the 5 days? (April 8/05)

A: As long as an artist is publishing 5 comic strips a week (monday through friday), they are fine.